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Six ways to prevent tooth decay in children

Care, don’t share Don’t share utensils with your child or “clean” a pacifier by putting it in your mouth. You can transfer cavity-causing germs to your child. Eat healthy and drink fluoridated water Get fruits and vegetables into your diet. First dental visit no later than age 1 Your child’s baby teeth are at risk […]

Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth generally come through or erupt at a more mature age between 17 and 21. Anthropologists believe we have wisdom teeth because our ancestor’s early diet required more chewing power. With today’s expanded food choices and cooking techniques, the third molars are not necessary for function. If wisdom teeth come […]

Why do I need x-rays?

Dental X-rays detect problems or damage to your teeth and gums that are not visible to the naked eye, including: The condition of your teeth and roots Jaw placement and structure of facial bones Small cavities hiding between teeth or below fillings and crowns Periodontal (gum) disease Infections in the bone Abscesses or cysts Developmental […]